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Eric Smalls, A.K.A. The Half Pint Punk ™ is an accomplished freestyle wrestler whose career spanned nine years culminating being part of the Whitehall High School Rams Wrestling Team where he was known as a fierce and formidable grappler.

Upon graduation, many opportunities presented themselves to include a chance to pursue academic enrichment and professional development at various colleges throughout the country.

However, quickly realized his heart and passion was not in the classroom.  Although the pursuit of a degree in the performing arts had tremendous merit, he knew the necessary knowledge he sought could not be acquired in a traditional classroom.

Hence, he traded in his textbooks and laptop computer for a pair of wrestling boots and began his arduous journey to become a professional wrestler by enrolling in the proverbial school of hard knocks.

Like the famous Japanese swordsman, Ronin (masterless Samurai), Miyamoto Musashi he traveled down many roads in search of enlightenment and discovered his true purpose inside and out of the squared circle, standing up for the people.

Based on Musashi’s writings “Book of Five Rings” and his life experiences as a wrestler and entertainer The Half Pint’s ™ persona of standing up for the people (Stans ad Populum) was born.


Height: 4'6
Weight:155 lb
Trained by: Big Guns Jeff Cannon

Years as a Pro: 15
Blue Water Championship Wrestling Micro Champion


Other factoids:

  • Toured with the legendary rock and roll band Motley Crue.

  • Accomplished brand ambassador and media spokesperson.

  • Continues to hone his skills a character and voiceover actor.

  • Speak (other languages)?Stalwart support of those who answered America’s call to military service. 

  • Gives of his time, talent and resources in support of the Honor.Celebrate.Inspire armed forces and veterans support initiative. (

  • Advocate and supporter of military combatives, submission grappling and the Fallen 15's Operation Let's Roll (

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